FREE ACOUSTIC SET with Nick Jonas & John Taylor TONIGHT!

Nick Jonas & John Taylor (“The New Hilario”) will performing Wednesday February 23 around 11:00PM. Doors open no earlier than 10:30pm. It’s free and there is no tickets, it’s FIRST COME/FIRST SERVE basis. The line starts outside of the venue. Address and phone number is: 227 Maple Avenue East Vienna, VA 22180 / 1-(703)-255-1566.

nickjonas – Hey people in the D.C. area I’m thinking of playing an acoustic set tonight with @JohnLloydTaylor somewhere. I’ll give you more dets soon!

nickjonas – Heres the info for tonight. Tickets are free! Jammin’ Java 227 Maple Avenue East, Vienna VA 22180

nickjonas – We’ll be going on sometime around 11 (PM).

JamnJavaDoorGal – I am excited that @Nickjonas will be playing a set @Jamminjava tonight at 11pm!!!

JamnJavaDoorGal – ? Hey there. There are no tickets for 11pm tonight. It’s first come – Line starts outside…. Hope to see you

nickjonas – Alright, I need some help. I’m going to list the songs I will be playing tonight at the acoustic show. I need (cont)

nickjonas – RT @longlivejonasx3 @nickjonas Last Time Around, Rose Garden, Before The Storm, Give Love A Try, Lovebug, Olive & An Arrow, London Foolishly, BB Good, Fly With Me, SOS, Who I Am. Good luck tonight, Nick<3 nickjonas – Thats our set list for tonight! thanks for your submissions everyone!

nickjonas – What an amazing night! Thanks to everyone who came out! I truly have the best fans in the world.

nickjonas – On a side note… I was mumbling at one point during the show tonight, and someone brought it to my attention that it may have sounded like I used a certain word. I can assure you that if it sounded that way it wasn’t intentional. I tend to stay away from words like that. Haha

nickjonas – Thanks for understanding! Wish me luck tomorrow at the White House everybody! Love you all!


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