ARTICLE: The hottest celebrity brothers!

Joe, Kevin, and Nick aren’t the only hot bros in Hollywood. Seventeen has uncovered the cutest celebrity siblings! These are the classic celeb brothers, and you know what they say — a classic never goes out of style! Whether you’re more into Joe, Kevin, or Nick, you can’t deny that all three are seriously talented. Personally, we would love to “hold on” to any Jo Bro. – By Michelle King


June 29th, 2011 Author: Kimmy
Category: Article, Gossip, Jonas Brothers

2 Responses to “ARTICLE: The hottest celebrity brothers!”

  1. jessi says:

    so good to see a picture with them all together on a news site again even though the picture is already older. i missed that

  2. lindac says:

    was there ever any doubt that they were not the cutest celebrity siblings !!!!!

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