NJATA to perform at the Cisco Bluesfest 2011 on July 16th!

One date released of this so far from this so-called “tour dates” Nick Jonas talked about on Teen.com!

Apparently, Nick Jonas & The Administration will perform at the Cisco Bluesfest 2011 on Saturday, July 16th in Ottawa, Canada. They are scheduled to perform from 5-6pm on the MBNA Stage.

For more information and ticketing VISIT HERE. For the full lineup and schedule head to the source!

SOURCE, thanks Sabynne for the heads up!

**There is now a scheduling conflict. The band, Ganga Girl is scheduled to play at the exact time slot, stage, and day as NJATA as of right now (6/16 at 5pm on the MBNA Stage). We don’t know whether NJATA is now playing that day or no longer performing. Please do not purchase your tickets right now until it’s fully confirmed!**

June 15th, 2011 Author: Kimmy
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5 Responses to “NJATA to perform at the Cisco Bluesfest 2011 on July 16th!”

  1. LindaC says:

    Is this the only Canadian tour date?

  2. nan says:

    A lot of these festivals have more than one stage. They have music playing in different areas at the same time, so perhaps that’s what the conflict is – different stages.

    I am not sure about this, this is not a fact, just a suggestion.

  3. Liby says:

    Oh dear. Where does it say Ganga Girl is scheduled? I went to the lineup and it has NJATA. Perhaps somebody should contact organizers.

  4. Kimmy says:


    If you sort the lineup by DAY, it says Ganga Girl for the same time/date/stage as NJATA. But on the main lineup it says NJATA over ganga girl.

  5. Liby says:

    I found this:

    It mentions Nick, but it likely takes it’s information from the website. PapaJ hasn’t answered my tweets.

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