Joe Jonas wants to create a FOOD blog. #JoeEatsFood

Joe Jonas wants to start his own food blog
By Vidya Rao

While eating a calamari salad, sea scallops and Cuban barbecued chicken, the middle bro of the Jonas persuasion told The New York Times that he wants “to start a food blog eventually.” The 22-year-old singer also expressed his love for rattlesnake tacos and his admiration for chefs Mario Batali and Ferran Adria.

“I don’t really get starstruck ever, but when it comes to chefs, I will sometimes get nervous,” he told the Times. “If there’s a chef I really like, I will freak, because I think their talent is so different from what I do.”

While the article describes Jonas as “a devotee of fine dining,” his website lists his favorite food as a chicken cutlet sandwich with mayo.

Jonas served as a guest judge on an episode of “Top Chef” in which cheftestant Dale Talde remarked, “I had no idea who Joe Jonas was. I thought he might be a pastry chef.”

While we don’t know if Jonas will go through with creating a food blog or whether he’s truly a connoisseur, we’re sure the teenybopper set has an appetite for anything Jonas.


Joe Jonas’ Foodie Credentials, Uncovered
The vast majority of singer Joe Jonas’ tweets fall into three categories: @replies to and retweets of adoring fans, concert announcements and advertisements for his moody “Cry Me A River” take-off #SeeNoMore. But eagle-eye Joe Bros Lovers may have noticed a sweet, subtle undersong running through Joe’s feed: a streak of foodie-ism.

By HuffPost Food’s count, over the past three months, Jonas has tweeted about food four times. Two of these tweets (this one and this one) celebrated an evening of gluttony. One noted a pre-workout bowl of cereal and another was a plea for the ability to teleport to Chik-fil-A. Given the fried chicken brand’s evangelical roots, this last one conveniently combines Jonas’ love of food with his love of Jesus Christ.

It would be easy to dismiss this Twitter tally as a mere coincidence — everyone eats, right? But these four Tweets are part of a pervasive trend of food-adoration on Jonas’ part. He was spotted shopping in a Whole Foods in October 2009 and was guest judge on Top Chef: Masters last December. He knows how to sing the Folgers jingle.

But if there was any doubt about whether or not Joe Jonas is a foodie, the New York Times eliminated it in a profile of the infamously purity-ringed crooner this morning. The profile describes Jonas as “a devotee of fine dining,” and notes that Ferran Adria and Mario Batali leave him more starstruck than Barack Obama. The most surprising gustatory tidbit, though, concerned Jonas’ future career aspirations:

“I want to start a food blog eventually,” Mr. Jonas, 22, announced as he sat down to lunch (calamari salad, sea scallops and Cuban barbecued chicken).

A warning from Joe to Joe: food blogging does not pay as well as performing pop songs for pre-teens. That said, food blogging might be one area where Jonas would have a leg up on fellow object-of-tween-affection Justin Bieber — he can’t even make his own barbecue sauce.


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