PHOTOS: 2011 – Out shopping in Los Angeles, CA (Nick) – 12/18

Nick Jonas was doing some last minute Christmas shopping on December 18, 2011. I assume for either his mom, grandma(s), or girlfriend because he was trying to hide his shopping bag from Henri Bendel (Good taste!).


December 20th, 2011 Author: Kimmy
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2 Responses to “PHOTOS: 2011 – Out shopping in Los Angeles, CA (Nick) – 12/18”

  1. Keri says:

    Why can’t poor man have some privacy and do his x-mas shopping peace. Does it really matter who he is shopping for? I truly wish the parazzi would give him a gift and leave him be. Even if he is Nick Jonas he deserves his quiet time .

  2. LindaC says:

    Well Said Keri.

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