VIDEO: FanDrop Nick Jonas: Episode 4 – “Inseparable”

In the last episode of FanDrop with Nick Jonas, the 20 lucky fans who were dropped off, and the rest of the world, get a never-before-seen look at his look at his process rehearsing with his band for his upcoming shows.

“I’ve enjoyed having you here. Would you like to hear one more?”

“We know about sixteen more,” he says before asking the fans what they want to hear him play. The overwhelming response were calls for the Jonas Brothers fan-favorite Inseparable — a song Nick has been singing for a very long time, check out the video below to see him and his brothers performing the song live back in 2006.

“I’ve got the guitar for inseparable,” he says to the cheers of the crowd. “So let’s do that one.”

“Thank you everybody, that was fun… I’m glad we did one more,” he says at the end of the song. Make sure to watch the other three episodes of FanDrop with Nick Jonas on Cambio.


December 22nd, 2011 Author: Kimmy
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