ARTICLE: Nick Jonas ‘Open’ to Going Naked on Broadway!

Nick Jonas is all grown up and seems far removed from the squeaky clean image he and his bros portrayed a few years ago. Now taking over Daniel Radcliffe‘s role in the Broadway hit How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Nick is opening up about his future on stage and even tackling a few gay rumors.

In the latest issue of The Advocate, Nick is asked if he’d be up for repeating Radcliffe’s nude Equus performance. His response:

“I love theater and I understand the difference between acting and who you are as a person. I don’t know that it’s something I would’ve done in the end, but I definitely would’ve considered it. You have to be open to everything.”

During the interview, Nick tackles a variety of topics, including a question about sexuality. The interviewer asks: “Gay boybanders and pop idols rarely come out at the height of their popularity. If a Jonas Brother came out, what impact might it have on your career?”

Nick wasn’t shy about answering the question, admitting:

“The amazing thing about our fans is that they’re incredibly supportive about everything that we do, but I have to separate us from the equation because the three of us aren’t gay. If someone in our position came out, I’d hope that support would carry over and that their fans would love them just the same.”


January 19th, 2012 Author: Kimmy
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2 Responses to “ARTICLE: Nick Jonas ‘Open’ to Going Naked on Broadway!”

  1. Nicole says:

    omfj if he took over Dan’s role in Equus i would MOST DEFINITELY be getting front row tickets to that.. i don’t care how much they are! ;) ;D sexxayyyy<3

  2. leishei jonas says:

    I am soo glad they he is finally speaking up about thier sexuality! they are not gay and im glad that he and his bros support thier gay fans. we love the jonas brothers gay or straight thank you nick for finally coming out of the dark and sticking up for yourself being there is nothing wrong with being gay so thank you again nick for throwing it back in thier faces and telling them you guys arent gay and that its nothing wrong with it if u was

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