ARTICLE: DOUBLE DATE w/ Kevin & Danielle Jonas


We sat down with Kevin Jonas of Jonas Brothers fame and his wife Danielle, who stars with him in ‘Married to Jonas,’ and pumped away regarding how they got through the holidays, not living together before marriage and Kevin’s desire to hang out with me more often.

After Introductions:

Stef: So we have a blog called ‘My Almost Married Life’

Kevin: Oh. That’s awesome.

Stef: But We’re totally different from you guys in that we’ve been living together for three years…

Kevin: Got it…

Stef: But we’re not even married.

Kevin: Ok, so we’ve been living together and married for three years now

Stef: But you didn’t live together before you were married?

Kevin: No we didn’t… so that was quite a transition – getting right into it.

Dave: So Danielle, getting thrust right into life with a celebrity… how did you handle that? Because Stephanie’s going through that right now with me.

(Huge collective laughs – Danielle looks at Dave lovingly – Kevin thinks he might want to play poker with Dave sometime soon)

Stef: No I’m not!

Dave You’re not?!

Daniele: I feel like I’ve learned a lot. I feel like I’m actually a better person with him because he gets me out there…

Stef: You’re so shy!

(For the record, the perfect thing to say to a shy person to get them to some out of their shell, “WHY ARE YOU SO SHY!?!?!”)

Danielle: I am very shy?

Dave: So how does a shy person handle being on a realty show?

Danielle: I think we are actually good together because I’m shy. Because I want him to do the best that he could do – and I want to watch him. I don’t want to be on stage with him.

Kevin: I just like to push her out here

Dave: Alright… so yin-yang?

Kevin: Yeah, pretty much… but it calms me down too – having that balance. If I didn’t have someone like that in my life saying, “Hey, maybe we should just stay home tonight..” I’m always thinking ‘What’s next?’ I’ll be in the middle of doing something and already thinking of the next ten things.

Stef: See we decided that you’re (Kevin) me…

Dave: Yeah… and I’m more like you (Danielle).

Kevin: Yeah – she (Danielle) can be at home chilling and be just as happy as can be but then I’ll take her out and she’s just as happy. Then {we’re} home and I’m just as happy. It’s a good balance.

Dave: Now, from one couple to another, if we could hit you guys up for some advice – now that the holidays are behind us, how do you feel about this: Stephanie wants be able to tell me what to get her for Christmas. I feel – that’s not the point for gift-giving. I want to pick something out.

Kevin: Yeah. I appreciate helpful hints. I like hints because obviously you don’t want to screw it up but when it comes down to it, I’d rather decide on my own gifts {to give} and I’m also not going to – we had this conversation – I’m also not going to get her something that she needs.

Stef: Ok, that’s fair

Kevin: She’ll be like, “I really do need this” and I’m like “Well, I’m not going to get it for you”

Stef: That’s what I said

(Stef never said this)

Kevin: She could just buy it

Dave: Basically, you can just give her cash!

Kevin: Exactly!

(Kevin realizes that he and Dave could potentially be good friends somewhere down the line)

Kevin: I want to give either something she doesn’t necessarily expect me to get and she’s like, ‘Oh wow… I really like’ and I’d think – Ok, cool!

Dave: Or something she {Danielle} wouldn’t have bought yourself

Kevin: Exactly. That’s the way I am. She knows that about me.

Stef: What do you {Danielle} think? Because I’m always like – Oh, I really like this…

Danielle: I want hints. I want major hints!

Kevin: She’s {Danielle’s) like – Tell me what you want!

Dave: Oooh. That’s so romantic!

Danielle: A lot of people are using Pintrest. And they’re creating a Christmas list…

Stef: What???

(So mad she hasn’t heard of this AND already done this)

Danielle: …where during the year, they put what they want and then in December, you can go and see

Stef: That’s REALLY good


Dave: So basically, it’s like registering for LIFE!? That’s awful!

Kevin: There’s a website called ‘Fancy’ that does it too.

Danielle: If you do things like a brand new car, that’s a little…

Kevin: Well, hey!

Stef: One more question… because of your (Danielle’s) family…

Dave: She’s (Stephanie’s) an Italian from New Jersey.

Stef: I have a big loud Italian family that’s insane, but you’re so calm. And he (Dave) can’t deal with my family. That’s gotta be a big issue for you guys.

Kevin: I actually match really well with them because I can just deal with it. My family’s just like exciting/in-your-face, we’re who we are – whatever. And it’s the same with her family. She’s kinda the soft spoken one in her family. So I kinda just slipped right in there.

Dave: I didn’t know soft spoken Italians existed

Kevin: Yeah, nor did I…

(Kevin wants to ask Dave to go to a Knicks game and discuss this more)

Kevin: So when I found the only one, I married her.

Stef: It’s so hard though. He’s Jewish. I’m Catholic/Greek Orthodox. All of sudden, we bring him in…

Kevin: It’s intense.

Danielle: It’ll be ok.

Stef: That’s the advice!? ”It’ll be ok!?” Thanks so much guys.

At this point, we posed for the photo at the top, which was at the Hurricane Sandy Food Drive that Kevin & Danielle hosted. As you can see, from left to right, it went Kevin, Stephanie, Danielle, Dave. WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE is that, while begining to pose foe the picture, after a really friendly interview that went really well, Stephanie’s right arm went UNDER Kevin’s coat instead of behind it creating immeasurable awkwardness that went unspoken.



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