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In our Glory Road segment, we get to talk to celebs and see what inspires them, what set them on their road to glory, and what they feel passionate about. Well, recently, the Jonas Brothers stopped by our studios, and I got a chance to sit down with them and chat a bit. Check it out!

Twenty million records sold worldwide. They have been tied to Miley, Selena, Taylor and Demi. And they hold the Guinness World Record for the most top 20 singles in a year. They are the Jonas Brothers.

Kevin Jonas: We have been very blessed. You know, performing at the Grammy’s, being nominated, you know, playing with Stevie Wonder and then, you know, playing at places like the White House for the president and Paul McCartney. It’s just things like that that you just kind of look back on. You look at your pictures and you’re blown away that you had these opportunities.

Scott: And it all started when these three were just teens.
How did you handle this extreme success that you guys were experiencing?

Joe Jonas: I don’t think there’s any real pro way of handling it. I think it’s about remembering where you come from and a really close knit family. We’re always working together but we’re family, so we can lean on each other and talk about things that usually you probably wouldn’t be able to talk about with other friends.
Scott: But their fame and packed schedules didn’t get the two youngest Jo’ Bros out of making sure schoolwork was done.

Nick Jonas: It was extremely difficult. It wasn’t an easy thing at all. I think we had a good team around us to help us pick time when it would work. Sometimes it would be early mornings, sometimes it would be late nights you’re working with schoolwork. But you know how it important it is.

Scott: Also important was their connection to their community. And giving back was something they felt called to do, even at a young age.

Nick: I was in New York doing some Broadway shows and saw a family – a homeless family on the street – and asked my dad what I was doing to help and he said, ‘Well, you do this and you do that and you give to the church,’ and all this. And I said, ‘Well, what am I doing though? And how can I help these people?’

Scott: And so, together they started the Change for the Children Foundation, a non-profit organization that allows the brothers to raise money for the causes they each support.

Nick, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at an early age, wanted to educate other young people about the disease.

Nick: I was diagnosed at thirteen. I felt like the right thing to speak about it publically and do what I could to raise money for research and raise awareness. We did a dollar-a-ticket to diabetes research on the previous tours we’ve done, and for three years straight raised over a million dollars just on that.

Scott: Wow!

Nick: And it was pretty incredible to see that just from that one effort we did so much good. And that was only the beginning.

Kevin: I am involved with volunteerism. You know, there is so much that you can do within your local community.

Scott: Connecting with fans through social media, Kevin encourages young people to take action in their community.

Kevin: It doesn’t take a lot. And that’s kind of the message of the whole thing.

Joe: I work with the Special Olympics quite a bit and Feed the Children as well.

Scott: Joe’s work with Feed the Children has taken him to the African country of Kenya.

Joe: They teach them schooling systems, they teach them education, they also fix water systems for them.

Scott: The band’s foundation has raised $5.2 million since it started, and they plan on continuing their legacy of giving through their fans.

Joe: It’s the new generation. And who’s going to make an effort and an effect on our world?

Scott: Now as the Jonas Brothers get ready to release their latest album, they are excited to be getting back to the music.

Nick: It’s a really exciting time for us, and we’re just happy to be continuing to make music almost, I guess, ten years later.

Joe: You know, music is the best! So for us to have it as a job it feels like a dream come true.

Scott: Love when people drop by the studio! And we have got behind-the-scene photos from their visit up on Channel One’s Instagram.

And that is going to do it for us today. I am Scott Evans. Dare to make today great! We will see you tomorrow.

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