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Kevin Jonas and Wife Danielle Welcome Baby Girl!

Sunday, February 2nd, 2014


Kevin Jonas and Danielle Jonas are officially on diaper duty!

The Married to Jonas stars welcomed a baby girl on Sunday, Feb. 2, E! News can confirm.

“We are overjoyed at the birth of Alena Rose Jonas,” the proud parents said shortly after the birth. “She is precious! We could not be more excited to start building our family together. We want to thank our family and friends for their love and support, and our fans for all of their well wishes.”

It was last July when Kevin exclusively revealed to E! News’ Giuliana Rancic that he and his wife were about to become parents.

“I was overjoyed,” the singer said at the time about learning Danielle was pregnant. “It’s been the most exciting thing in my life so far. I’m excited and I’m nervous.”

Kevin and Danielle met in 2007 while on vacation in the Bahamas with their respective families.

The couple tied the knot on Dec. 19, 2009, at snow-covered Oheka Castle in Long Island. Following their nuptials, the newlyweds honeymooned in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In 2012, they became the stars of their own reality series, Married to Jonas, on E!

Kevin and Danielle have partnered with Dreft and the brand’s “Amazing Baby Days” app to capture all of the amazing moments from their pregnancy through their daughter’s first year.

Congrats, you two!


ARTICLE/VIDEO: Kevin and Danielle Jonas Talk Baby Names, Nursery Décor and More

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014


Baby Jonas is well on the way, and it sounds like Kevin and Danielle Jonas are well-prepared for their little one’s arrival already!

E! News’ Alicia Quarles recently sat down with the famous couple and got the scoop on how the parents-to-be are embracing this new chapter in life, and we have to say, we’re incredibly impressed.

For starters, Dani looks absolutely stunning, showing off a trim figure with an adorable baby bump, dressed stylishly in a cranberry-colored silk top and leather leggings.

As for her enviable figure, the hot mama attributes her tiny frame to regular sessions with her trainer.

“I’ve been working out a lot. It has actually helped. I don’t think I could have gotten through this without working out,” she smiled.

“Our trainer Anthony Michael has been kicking both of our butts, so he’s been awesome,” added Kevin.

Of course, with Danielle’s due date looming in the near future, the baby gifts are starting to roll in, but Kevin confesses that his brothers Nick and Joe haven’t wrapped anything up just yet.

“They sent some flowers to the shower, and I bet they bring some stuff once the baby has actually been born,” Kevin shared, also revealing that he and his wife have also selected a baby name as well.

“We have picked a name, we’re really excited about it. It’s very special to both of us…it’s different enough for us,” they told us elusively.

So intriguing!

And as if Kevin and Dani didn’t have enough on their plates right now, they’re also planning a big move very soon!

“I’m building us a house. Five months ago we broke ground, and in about two weeks we move in. So hopefully it gets done in time for baby!” Kevin smiled.

Now that’s one ambitious papa-to-be!

Wishing you two all the best!


ARTICLE: Kevin & Danielle Jonas’ EXCLUSIVE Chat About That Ready-To-Pop Baby Bump, Upcoming Jonas Projects & So Much More!

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

It looks like we’re going to have a Jonas baby ANY day now!!
Kevin and Danielle Jonas are expecting the arrival of their little bundle of joy on February 6th, meaning they’re just weeks away from parenthood!
But is the soon-to-be-mommy keeping her growing baby bump keep her from the spotlight? HECK NO!!
In fact, Danielle was looking pretty darn hot as she slipped into some tight leather pants and rocked a pair of heels as she and Kevin attended the Deft Amazing Baby Days app launch event in New York on Tuesday!
And, luckily for us, we got to chat with the married parents-to-be EXCLUSIVELY! Kevin and Danielle dished about everything from pregnancy, being excited about their baby girl, and even Kevin’s upcoming Jonas projects! Read all the DEETS AFTER THE JUMP!!!

On the Amazing Baby Days app:
Kevin: The app is incredible. It’s kind of like a one stop shop for your digital booklet for your baby. It’s really a great way to direct — custom so many great people that are fans of the product. And they’re able to keeping track all your baby bump photos, pretty much everything you get on Instagram, everywhere all the time. It’s kind of the one place for you to kind of capture all the special moments and not miss a beat.
Dani: I like how you can capture your tummy growing, you know and seeing all the different months and you’re like oh I felt like I was so big last month but this month it’s a different story. And then also with shower gift, you know you get gifts all over the place for the baby and it’s a way to keep track of them. And then also then the baby comes and you can send thank you with her wearing it or playing with it and I think that’s the coolest part about it.

Your baby is due in early February. How’s the pregnancy been so far?
Dani: It’s been really good. It was a little rough in the beginning and then it got really easy. And then now I’m just kind of ready to see her.
Kevin: Ready to meet her.

What are you most looking forward to with your baby girl?
Dani: I’m really excited to hold her hands and see her face and see what she looks like. I can only imagine what she looks like right now!

Have you gotten any advice on being first time parents?
Dani: We get a lot of good pointers from a lot of people. You know our families are involved and telling us little things to keep in mind and everything but you hold on to those things and you kind of make it your own and that’s great.
Kevin: It definitely is.

What do you wish someone would’ve told you about what to expect from your pregnancy?
Dani: Well I wish that I was told a lot of things because I think women, they hold it in a little bit, but every pregnancy is truly different because some of my friends go through their pregnancies and then I’m going through mine and mine was totally different than theirs!

On working out while pregnant and staying healthy:
Dani: I don’t think I could have done it [being pregnant] without working out, honestly. I think that it makes you move and stretch a little bit. You have to be really safe with it. That’s why I work with a lot of trainers so that I’m careful, but just the movement and I don’t feel the aches and the pains that maybe someone would maybe feel because they aren’t moving. So I love it. I can’t wait to get there sometimes and then when I don’t get there I get grumpy.

On how much they plan to share about their baby girl, once she’s born:
Dani: I think we’ll be pretty open with everything. I mean we enjoy that the fans enjoy seeing us go through things and celebrating things with us.

Do you have a celeb mom role model?
Dani: I love how Jessica Alba has done things with her kids where you know she works so hard and then she has a family life that seems so normal. And I just love how she has such a good head about everything she does.

On what Kevin will be up to:
Kevin: I’m going to be working on a bunch of different projects. I’m really working on the business side of things. You know, right now, there’s a bunch of people lined up and a bunch of different opportunities, I can’t talk about everything, but there will be a lot more Jonas coming your way pretty soon. And you know we’re excited. Each one of us has an opportunity to do something great in individual space and I get to do it not only by myself, but with my family as well, which is my wife and my new baby.

On Nick and Joe in Hawaii:
Kevin: Our guitarist got married and his wedding was in Hawaii! We were supposed to go, but then we got pregnant and Dani’s on baby watch, so we were not able to fly. But it’s cool. They’re enjoying the heat; we’re enjoying the cold!

Such a sweet couple!


ARTICLE: Kevin Jonas Is ‘Not Sure’ About A Jonas Brothers Reunion, Says ‘It’s Way Too Early To Tell’

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Kevin Jonas is unsure about the future of the Jonas Brothers, but when it comes to his relationship with Joe and Nick, he admits they’re working on “being happy for each other.”

Kevin and his wife Danielle Jonas sat down with HuffPost Live on Wednesday (Jan. 8) to discuss their show, “Married to Jonas” and their new app called Amazing Baby Days, which was created to help other new parents and document their journey to parenthood. But host Nancy Redd got Kevin to dish a little bit about the Jonas Brothers’ split and their canceled tour.

The three brothers called off their 19 tour dates in October just two days before the shows were about to kick off, with their rep telling People, “There is a deep rift within the band. There was a big disagreement over their music direction.” And although the group isn’t ready to try out another reunion anytime soon, Kevin admits they’re supporting each other during this tough time.

“I’m not sure [about a reunion]. We just made the announcement a couple of months ago and we’re all working on our own individual things. I think it’s way too early to tell,” he explained. “Right now, we’re just kind of focused on our relationships as brothers and kind of just being happy for each other and each one of our own journeys.”

As for his brother Joe’s recent comments about smoking weed with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato when they were teens, Kevin says, “We all had fun, we all did.”

“The difference is, each one of us had our own journey and mine was, I found a great girl early on and stuck with her and got married early and now having a baby and that was my life,” Kevin said. “And that’s the path I chose. And I’m really excited about that and I’m happy.”

Kevin and Danielle are expecting their first child, a baby girl, next month.


VIDEO: Kevin & Danielle Jonas Huffpost LIVE

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Kevin and Danielle Jonas opened up their home and marriage for the show ‘Married to Jonas.’ Now, they’re having a baby, and are releasing an app called Amazing Baby Days to help other new parents and document their journey to parenthood.


ARTICLE: Danielle and Kevin Jonas Reveal Baby Name Details

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Danielle and Kevin Jonas said the name of their baby girl “just kind of came to us.”

Kevin, 26, who’s expecting his first child any day now, admits to ABC News that “Jonas is a weird last name, not that many things go with it.”

The singer, who announced the pregnancy in July, added that that the name he and his wife chose “rolls off the tongue.”

That’s about as much as the “Married to Jonas” stars will say right now regarding the name.

“We are trying to keep that a secret because everyone knows we are having a girl, but right when she’s born, we are going to tell everyone,” Danielle said. “It’s different enough, but not too crazy.”

Danielle added that the baby’s middle name has special meaning to her in particular.

The couple, who married in 2009, spoke to ABC as part of a promotion they are doing with Dreft’s new app “Amazing Baby Days,” which Kevin said helps him stockpile all the photos of Danielle’s pregnancy to make a digital booklet to share down the road.

The couple may have the first and middle names all picked out, but the nursery is a work in progress.

“I am building us a house and we are about two and half weeks away from moving in,” Kevin said. “The nursery will be here at the end of next week. The walls are painted. The floors will be stained this weekend, you could move furniture and you could live there, it’s fine.”

Danielle added that they painted the walls purple because “there’s already so much pink for girls everywhere.”

Kevin, who along with his brothers announced the split of their band the Jonas Brothers in October, said he’s excited that “everything we do now will be different,” after the baby’s born.

“Going to a restaurant which we’ve gone to a million times will be different, getting in the car will be different,” he added.

But he admits there’s going to be tough times too.

“There are going to be times where that baby is not going to stop crying and I’m not going to know what to do, and nothing we are going to do is going to work,” he said. “But we are going to get through it and it’s going to be great. We are not even going to remember it the minutes she starts to smile.”

The couple has also decided not to take any classes prior to the baby’s arrival, so that everything that happens will be fresh and new.

“I think you just learn by experience, trial and error,” Danielle said.

As for more kids after this one, Kevin said “we definitely want a larger family” and that because he spent his life around his brothers, “I actually wanted girls.”

“I said four, but maybe after this one, three,” Danielle joked. “It’s tough.”

Danielle, who had to be on an IV drip early in the pregnancy, added that this experience was tough at first, “then it got really easy. Now, the past couple of days, it’s like I’m done, this baby has to come out soon.”


VIDEO: Kevin and Danielle Jonas ready for parenthood

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Published by foxnewstest on Jan 8, 2014
Singer and reality star on ‘Fox & Friends’

VIDEOS: Dreft’s ‘Amazing Baby Days’

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Published by Dreft Detergent on Dec 17, 2013

For Gifts: Expectant parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas share how the Dreft’s “Amazing Baby Days” app, and the app’s amazing “Gift Tracker,” is helping them to stay organized as they prepare for the arrival of their daughter.

Download the Dreft® Amazing Baby Days app now for free from the App Store:

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Published by Dreft Detergent on Dec 17, 2013

For Sharing: Expectant parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas share how they’re using Dreft’s “Amazing Baby Days” app to track all of the amazing moments leading up to the arrival of their daughter – and also give an exclusive first look at some of their favorite baby gear!

Download the Dreft® Amazing Baby Days app now for free from the App Store:

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VIDEO: A Jonas Brother Expecting a Jonas Baby

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Published by KITV on Jan 7, 2014
Celebrity parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas talk with KITV’s Laura Yamada about their baby to come.

VIDEO: Life after JoBros; Kevin and wife talk pregnancy

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

NEW YORK CITY — Kevin Jonas is back in the spotlight despite the family band breaking up, last year.

Jonas and his two brothers, Joe and Nick, broke the hearts of tweens everywhere when the trio split up.

Having shared their love and family story with fans for a few years already, Kevin and and his wife Danielle are now anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child.

The celebrity couple joined KARE 11 Sunrise from New York City to discuss their pending parenthood using the Dreft Amazing Baby Days app, future projects and if there’s a future for the Jonas Brothers as a band.


VIDEO: A baby Jonas is on the way

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Kevin Jonas from the Jonas Brothers and his wife Danielle are expecting and have their own reality show called Married to Jonas.


ARTICLE: TeenNick HALO Awards: Kevin Jonas to Co-Host, Enrique Iglesias to Perform (Exclusive)

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013


Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy will co-host alongside Jonas and Nick Cannon, while “Twilight’s” Nikki Reed has come aboard as a presenter for the Nov. 17 event.

Kevin Jonas and Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy have been tapped to co-host the TeenNick HALO Awards, joining regular emcee Nick Cannon.

London Expo: Nickelodeon Touts $475 Million in Retail Sales for Relaunched ‘Turtles’ Franchise
Singer Enrique Iglesias also has been added to the bill for the fifth annual event, which takes place Sunday, Nov. 17, at the Hollywood Palladium and will be broadcast live on Nickelodeon beginning at 8 p.m. ET (tape-delayed on the West Coast). He joins previously announced performers Fall Out Boy and Austin Mahone.
“I’m excited about performing my new single ‘Heart Attack’ on the TeenNick HALO Awards,” Iglesias said. “This award show is special to me because we get to honor real teens who have earned their way on the show by doing community service.”

Additionally, Twilight star Nikki Reed has been confirmed as a presenter, joining a slate that already includes Darren Criss (Glee), Dax Shepard (Parenthood) and Chloe Bennet (Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD).
The HALO Awards also will host a social media lounge, dubbed the HALO Hive, that will be led by YouTube personality iJustine. New York-based duo The Jane Doze has been tapped as the event’s official DJs.

The TeenNick HALO Awards, executive produced by Cannon, Alex Coletti and Sal Maniaci, spotlight four teenagers from all over the country who are helping and leading others. They are paired up with celebrities who share a similar passion for their cause. Josh Hutcherson, Shay Mitchell, Chris Paul and Queen Latifah participated this year.


VIDEO: Dog Training for the Jonases

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Kevin and Dani Jonas have gotten cooking advice from Rachael in the past, but this time they’re in need of some canine-related tips. Watch their two adorable pups get a little training session.


Kevin Jonas Shares Wife Danielle’s First Pregnancy Craving (and It Sounds Delicious!)

Friday, July 26th, 2013


Even though he’s a worldwide megastar, daddy-to-be Kevin Jonas is experiencing a lot of firsts lately. He and wife, Danielle, are preparing to welcome their first child together and Jonas is soaking up the overwhelming joy that comes with all those “firsts.”

Speaking candidly to People, Kevin told the mag that experiencing the first ultrasound was definitely the moment when his wife’s pregnancy became the most “real” to him. He said, “Hearing the heartbeat. It becomes a different thing.” The singer, songwriter and Married to Jonas TV star also told People that mommy-to-be Danielle is feeling much better after making it through her first trimester — and she’s experiencing a few surprises of her own.

He said, “The nausea has finally subsided. Danielle’s feeling much better now in the last couple of days, which is a really big step. She’s not sick anymore.” As far as what she’s been eating lately, Kevin told the mag, “Grapes. She can’t stop eating them — like nonstop.” Aw! Sounds like mommy-to-be is experiencing her first craving (and it sounds delicious!).

Healthy cravings during pregnancy (for things sweet, good-for-you snacks like grapes, strawberries, melons and foods high in calcium and iron) leave mom-to-be feeling good about her choices during pregnancy. Snacks like pizza with hot sauce, double cheeseburgers and triple helpings of mac ‘n cheese (though they all sound absolutely delicious and my mouth is watering just thinking about it) might leave you feeling yucky afterward.

What healthy snacks that other moms-to-be are craving?

“I have been craving milk since day one! Cheese and yogurt too!”

“This is so weird, but I’ve been craving fruit with salt on it. I never put salt on anything in my life. Now I want sorbet with salt. It’s so bizarre. My husband thinks its hilarious. Pickles, tomatoes, and avacado everyday. Thank God I grow my own food or else I’d be going crazy. Salt on apples and strawberries? What’s wrong with me?!”

“I’m pregnant with my second child and all I want to eat are Cuties (clementines). They’re so delicious!”

“I crave watermelon constantly!”

“Salad and yogurt have been my cravings this week. I’m enjoying this while it lasts!“

“I crave bananas and peanut butter. I don’t even really like bananas! I have had more bananas in the last 3 weeks then in the last 5 years!“

“I’ve been craving salads, those fruit pouches (for toddlers). My husband thinks it’s hilarious when I go into the store and buy toddler snacks. I just can’t help it. They’re so good!“

“My healthy craving is fruit like apples and grapes. Basically any fruit that is pretty juicy. I brought four apples to work with me today!“

”I’ve been craving cucumbers.”

Sounds tasty!


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